CRISTAL Fit® Muscle growth

Electromagnetic stimulation for targeted muscle growth

The innovative CRISTAL Fit® technology harnesses the power of electromagnetic stimulation for targeted muscle growth and definition. During a single comfortable 40-minute session in a lying position, the treatment simulates up to 500 workouts. The treatment with CRISTAL Fit® naturally stimulates muscle growth, and the newly gained and defined muscles can be maintained through a normal exercise regime.

The result:

Effortlessly defined muscles, training of hard-to-reach muscle areas, and tightened body contours. In addition, the technology can ameliorate diseases and symptoms related to slack muscles (e.g. rectus diastasis, pelvic floor).

Target areas:

  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Pelvic floor

Up to 500 workouts in one session with CRISTAL Fit®

Lasting only 40 minutes, the CRISTAL Fit® treatment is entirely can sit back, relax, and even read or listen to your favorite artist during the treatment.. CRISTAL Fit® does all the work: The magnetic waves induce intense muscle contractions which simulate exercise without the user having to lift so much as a finger.

After the treatment, the user feels like they’ve just finished an intense workout. They may experience slight muscle soreness in the following days, as the body starts to build muscle mass. After four to six sessions, the results become visible through toned and partially defined muscles (depending on the user’s initial fitness level).  Depending on the treatment area, it is also possible to reduce rectus diastasis or strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and in cases of mild incontinence.

Who are good candidates for treatment with CRISTAL Fit®?

The CRISTAL Fit® treatment is a good choice for all men and women who want to strengthen specific muscle areas and tighten the silhouette of their stomach, buttocks, or thighs. The treatment optimizes the user’s current fitness level in a comfortable way while efficiently increasing their muscle mass.

Advantages of CRISTAL Fit®

  • Effortless targeted muscle growth -No exhausting workouts needed
  • Tightened silhouette
  • Treatment in mere minutes
  • Quick results
  • Safe, effective method
  • Non-invasive treatment


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