Non-Surgical Eyelid Lifting

Foto: Re_sky/shutterstock

Removal of excess skin without a scalpel and anesthesia.

Do your drooping eyelids give your face a tired and sad expression? Have you been thinking about having the excess skin removed from your eyelids for a long time, but an operation would not be an option for you? It doesn’t have to be! With the CO2 laser, we can remove the excess skin from your lids without any surgery. For outpatient treatment, we use local anesthesia so that – apart from a slight tingling sensation and a feeling of warmth – you will not feel any pain. During the 30-minute treatment, areas of the excess skin are treated with the CO2 laser with pinpoint accuracy, without causing damage to the lower layers of the skin, which also prevents scarring. These micro-injuries lead to a new formation of collagen, which is responsible for a tightening effect and results in an alert and clear look on your face after just two weeks!

An overview of important information about eyelid tightening with the CO2 laser:

  • Duration of treatment: circa 30 minutes
  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Slight swelling in the upper eyelid area after treatment can last up to 3 days
  • Natural results
  • Low risks
  • Short downtime of 7-10 days (depending on wound healing)
  • Results visible after swelling has subsided
  • Final result after 3–6 months, due to the collagen synthesis
  • Can be repeated as required to obtain desired results

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